The best wine to pair with Easter Dinner


With Easter dinners around the corner, wine Wednesday is also approaching. Or Tipsy Tuesdays or Thirsty Thursdays, which ever excuse you need to GO buy a new bottle of wine. Before I sound like I am an alcoholic and/ or ignorant, Easter is very important, reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is a special time to spend with Family and Friends. Maybe you are a guest at a dinner or making a first impression, you might just be begging the question ” Which wine goes best with what?”
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Zumba for new go-ers


Hi I am Chelsey, formally a zumba addict.

I personally never knew I could smile an entire hour while working out.

Describing Zumba to people who have never been is a hard task. I truly believe that everyone should try it once.  ” Join the party, ditch the workout “- Is real people. Remember those days when you were a bar star and “fun” was dancing all night on the dance floor and getting  SO EXCITED  when ” your song” came on? This is what Zumba is like. It is like a dance party and shaking your booty all night at the bar. I personally believe your inner  Beyonce or Shakira will be released.

Instructors- they make all the difference in the world. I personally have only had 2 instructors that I go to. One is named Melissa and she teaches at North mount Hall She also teaches Tuesdsays at St. Albert trail World health. When I was rich living at home, I used to pay to go to her Tuesdays and Thursdays when she was free at my gym on Mondays. I was THAT big of an addict. I could not just go once a week. Continue reading

Stock up on the Wine!

With the alarming announcement that Wine prices are going up due to the new Alberta Budget- I figured that I would share some of the wines sales going on in the city. Stock up people. At Sobey’s and Safeway ( which is a convenient stop when buying groceries) You will receive an additional 10% off if you buy 6 bottles. Who doesn’t need a full wine rack?

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Hello world!

My name is Chelsey. I am a 26 year old female and I am determined to inspire and reach out to others  through my experiences  and my love for wine, fitness, food and all things in between.  I am also an avid and experienced shopper. I am  determined to reach out to other females and make them aware of the sales going on! Travel is another thing I love to do. I truly believe that while you are here on earth- you should see as many places as you can! I hope you enjoy my blog