Zumba for new go-ers


Hi I am Chelsey, formally a zumba addict.

I personally never knew I could smile an entire hour while working out.

Describing Zumba to people who have never been is a hard task. I truly believe that everyone should try it once.  ” Join the party, ditch the workout “- Is real people. Remember those days when you were a bar star and “fun” was dancing all night on the dance floor and getting  SO EXCITED  when ” your song” came on? This is what Zumba is like. It is like a dance party and shaking your booty all night at the bar. I personally believe your inner  Beyonce or Shakira will be released.

Instructors- they make all the difference in the world. I personally have only had 2 instructors that I go to. One is named Melissa and she teaches at North mount Hall  http://www.funkifit.com/. She also teaches Tuesdsays at St. Albert trail World health. When I was rich living at home, I used to pay to go to her Tuesdays and Thursdays when she was free at my gym on Mondays. I was THAT big of an addict. I could not just go once a week.

The other is named Iona. She off and on  teaches at Golds and  3 times a week at No more excuses on the south side. Once you try a class with these ladies, you will be hooked I promise!

There is nothing worse than being excited for a class- getting ready to shake it and twerk dat booty then getting an instructor who literally . cant.move.their.hips.    The instructor needs to inspire you to booty shake and pop “it”and  have rhythm.

Moving forward-  Have you ever had fun playing dance central? Zumba is like that times 10. The best part is- If your self- conscious – NO FEAR . Everyone is too busy focusing on the instructor and watching her move and figure out which direction to dance in, they are not looking at you. Beginners- I recommend actually being in 1st row- this way you get the best view of the feet.

I used to have a friend who would tell me ” Zumba is never going to change your body, you know” – And to a degree she was right. Zumba for sure torches the calories- anywhere between 300-600 in an hour ( maybe more depending on your stats).  I started lifting weights last year and if any of you have ever started – you will admit it definitely changes  and transforms your body more so  than being a cardio bunny . I still could never give up zumba. I miss it when I don’t go. I get withdrawals  I just wanna DANCE. My zumba friends know about this and the texts that follow.  One day that zumba song will come on the radio while your driving and you will find your self flailing your arms in the car and movin your hips in the seat while the person driving next to you is staring. and laughing. ( Yes this has happened).   Routines that you learn- some are dance hall, reggae, latin, salsa, and good old hip hop.  I will say, if you have not had a backround in dance- it may be a bit harder to pick up but keep going! the steps become more routine and you will come to see a lot of movements are very similar.

So, for those of you looking for a way to spice up your cardio , especially in the midst of this snowy spring weather we have going on- Check out a local Zumba class. As mentioned I highly recommend Melissa – if anyone one wants to try it with me your first time is free!

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