The best wine to pair with Easter Dinner


With Easter dinners around the corner, wine Wednesday is also approaching. Or Tipsy Tuesdays or Thirsty Thursdays, which ever excuse you need to GO buy a new bottle of wine. Before I sound like I am an alcoholic and/ or ignorant, Easter is very important, reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is a special time to spend with Family and Friends. Maybe you are a guest at a dinner or making a first impression, you might just be begging the question ” Which wine goes best with what?”

I consider myself to be a wino. Mostly a red wine wino. Now if you google the definition of “wino” this is what you will find:

noun: wino; plural noun: winos
1. a person who drinks excessive amounts of cheap wine or other alcohol, especially one who is homeless.

I sort of fit this definition ( I am not homeless despite how much money I do spend on wine).  I love trying different wines and I don’t mind trying ones on sale. I also think cheap wines give you a bigger hangover. So i will steer you towards wines that are affordable but not overly cheap. I am going to share with you after some extensive research some great wines to pair for Easter Dinner.

To pair with Turkey
Try a Zinfandel. Why? It is a lighter wine compared to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Its lower tannins help moisten the driest turkey. It also has hints of clove, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon             (Doesn’t that sound amazing?). Another tip when buying a Zinfandel is to look for the alcohol content If you are looking for a lighter Zinfandel look for the alcohol by volume of 13.5%. A more spicy, bold Zinfandel has around 16%. My recommendation is :

Sledgehammer – 2011 Zinfandel ($15-$16) ( It will hit you like a sledgehammer)


It is a California wine ( which I tend to usually prefer) . The website describes it as BIG BOLD and SPICY. They also suggest its good for Sunday Fun-day – which I missed in the weekly references above. This Zinfandel was very easy to drink, very smooth and was one of the first Zinfandel’s that I have tried. I can’t wit to try more from Sledgehammer.

To pair with Ham

I would recommend a Pinot Noir. ( Remember I like my reds). The high acidity cuts through the rich flavours. Fruity flavours like cranberry and cherry work well with ham. My pick comes from a Chile:

Cono Sur organic Pino Noir ($12-$15)


If you let this wine sit for about 15 minutes it will taste even better.

If you are looking for a white as mentioned I am not much of a white drinker but a Dry Reisling would be my recommendation. Are you meeting people for the first time? Perhaps a new girlfriend or boyfriend’s family? In that case you can’t go wrong with champagne. Pop that bottle and get the party started!

Let me know what you will be drinking!


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