My Costco finds!

On top of having a zumba addiction, I also have a Costco addiction. I usually try to go every 2-3 weeks. Any longer and I am having withdrawals.

I try and buy all my meat from Costco. I truly think the taste is so much better and you get so much meat for what you pay for. My regular buys are the lean ground beef ( the price is so good for the amount you get). I buy steak there ALWAYS. It’s about $30 for 3-4 steaks but you seriously can’t beat the quality. We don’t even try steak from other stores because we know we will be disappointed.

I also buy fresh fish from there. I often buy it fresh,cook some, and freeze the rest. My favorite are Pickerel and Tilapia.

A can’t live without item is the bone in pork chops. These are seriously so delicious and the size of them- you won’t find anywhere else. I love making pork chops in a mushroom sauce.


I buy my chicken from Costco. Sometimes I buy the fresh Lilydale or switch it up and buy the bags/boxes of Frozen breast. The last time I bought Jane’s thin chicken breast because they are easier to cook because they do not take as long.

One of my newest finds is Freybe chicken Louisiana style BBQ sausage. It is seriously so delicious. Its so good in pasta or with perogies. It is preservative free, all natural and gluten free! 1 Sausage is 190 calories, 9g fat/3g carbs and 17g protein. I promise you won’t know that it’s chicken!


Speaking of chicken/turkey sausage- Pillar makes  really good turkey pepperoni sticks. Great for an afternoon snack. 2 sticks are 100 calories and 12g of protein 0 carbs.

Breakfast Items- I am an oatmeal kinda girl. I don’t like to talk about it but I was really attached to this earnest eats chia oatmeal that I can’t find anywhere else. If it ever comes back, this is what it looks like ( Keep your eyes open)

earnestSince this no longer exists, I have tried Bob Mill’s  Museli cereal which has been also really good. I have noticed I haven’t seen it at Costco lately. I will have to find a new alternative!

museliI also always try to buy my fruit/produce at Costco. I feel like the quality is so much better. I always buy bananas there for $1.99 for a huge bag. I also buy a 3lb bag of apples for $5-$6 and this week bought 2lb strawberries for $3.79. For salads, lately I have been buying my own lettuce/kale/spinach fresh and creating my own salads but their baby spring mix by dole is an unbeatable price and they have a really good (premade) sweet Kale salad. The broccolini at Costco is a good buy. I love cooking it in a lemon/garlic marinade. I also buy the bag of sweet potatoes- easy to make your own sweet potato fries! I am sure there are many other produce items that are a must have, but for me in a house hold of 2 its too much to keep fresh!


Other items- I buy the 0% fat free plain greek yogurt kirkland brand. At $8.99 for 3 it is a pretty good price. Another thing I like is that it is lower carb then the PC brand or Western Family ( save on) so I can add fruit to it if I like. I usually cheat and add a little bit of regular sugar free yogurt to mine as I can’t stand the plain flavor ( tastes like sour cream)… but its high in protein!


Speaking of Greek yogurt, for snacks I love the Skotidakis Spicy Greek Yogurt. Its soooooooooo good with pretzel chips or even with tortillas. I always have to portion the yogurt  though cause it’s seriously so addicting. It’s good with sweet potato fries too!


Snacks- I try to be mindful of snacks. I try not to buy the snack mix or the chicago popcorn mix ( I seriously WILL eat the entire bag). Costco is a good go-too for Almonds. Some recent healthier alternatives to snacking is the Kirkland Trex Mix. I love the chai cinnamon granola pieces and the chocolate chips of course. 1/4 of a cup is 150 calories/9g fat/15g carbs/9g sugar/ 4 protein. This version is healthier than the M&M version!


Every so often, I crave chocolate. I tried the Bark thins dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and they seriously hit my cravings. For 40 grams its 230 cals/14g fat/18g carbs/15grams sugar/ 7g protein. Hey at least there is protein!


I usually buy their bread and freeze some of it. I like the Ancient Grains with Quinoa bread, there is a good amount of protein and fiber. A Costco exclusive bread that is really good is called Silver Hills. I have tried a couple of the different kinds but the little big bread is my favorite. For 2 slices it is only 110 calories, 19g carbs, 1g fat, 7 grams protein and 5 grams fiber.

In addition to the food, I also buy my extra virgin olive oil there, Club house spices ( roasted red pepper and ms. dash are some of my favorites), Salt and pepper ( its actually fresh ground pepper and I seriously could not live without the pepper). There is a new salad dressing I tried called Xtreme Dill Ranch that is verrryyy good ( I have my boyfriend eating green salads with me) Bacon bits for potatoes and  caesar salads, their croutons, their BBQ sauces- it seems endless. The rotisserie chickens are the best you can find. Vitamins and their workout gear seem to be always reasonably priced. Other common buys would have to be the honey garlic ribs and the Palermos brand thin crust pizzas ( $3 off right now- The chicken fajita and the bruschetta ones are Delicious!) I always switch up my bathroom rugs, bedding etc.  with Costco stuff. Not to mention their gas prices and liquor prices ( Great Wine selection but that will be another post)

Wheu- that was a long post. I seriously COULD NOT live without Costco. Thank goodness for the rebates!! What are your favorite Costco buys??

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