Wine Deals April 17-23

Weekly wine deals!


I will start with Superstore liqour store. Deals run April 15-April 19  because some of their prices beat Sobey’s/Safeway

$5.98 Copper Moon ( assorted varieties) beating the Sobey’s price of $7.49

$7.98 Ruffino Orvieto Classico ( white)

$9.98 Mirassou assorted varieties ( California)

$12.98 19 Crimes Shiraz- This is a good one too!

19 crimes

One of my top 5 wines- Carnivor California Blend. Seriously so smooth! Love this wine and its on sale for $11.98 beating the Sobey’s/Safeway Price of $13.99 and Costco’s price that is in the $12 range.


Sobey’s/ Safeway Sale April 17-23rd 

As mentioned they have Carnivor listed above for $13.99 and Copper moon for $7.49. Wyndham estate Shiraz/chardonnay is $13.99

Ravenswood Zifandel / Cabernet Sauvignon is $13.99. They are hosting samples In store! I would really like to see how this one tastes


As mentioned in previous posts I love Cono Sur’s  organic wine ( Chile). They have their pinot noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Cabernet $5 off for $10.99. 

Another wine that is $5 off is Emilian Adobe Reserve Earth day  for $10.99 which is also another wine from Chile.

For the white lovers, Monkey Bay ( New Zealand) has a Sauvignnon Blanc for $11.99

Solo Liquor has a huge selection of beer/liqour/wine sales ( Sales Run April 15-21)

Some wines that were mentioned above are cheaper here ( Ravenswood $11.95) and Ruffino $7.95. Some favorites would be Menage a Trois for $10.95 and Apothic Red/White $10.95. Bodacious white and red is $7.95 and tastes similar to Apothic. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is $14.95. Voga Pino Grigo is $10.95 and Beringer ( varieties ) are $7.95.

Check out their store for other great prices!

I will be definitely indulging in some Carnvior this weekend it is so good! I will probably stock up on some Cono Sur too!

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