Self Talk

Today was a day that I can dramatically say taught me a life lesson. It has been a while since I have blogged, but many topics and ideas have been running through my mind. Thoughts of the day confirm that when it comes to your body it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. You need to be happy with yourself. Inside and out.

If you are a female and on Instagram, and you follow any female fitness inspirations – sometimes the information that can be learned is very useful and inspiring. I feel like there is a lot out there that can teach proper form and technique when it comes to working out.

In general though, when your news feed is flooded with pictures of women with these thin, skinny, no curves or opposite – curves, fit as hell, 6 pack, washboard abs , and a juicy perky  booty that women worked for all day long This can’t be good for our self-esteem.

I know I am not alone out there when I say this but I feel like I have been consumed completely with what I am eating, what I ate and shouldn’t have ate, guilt about having a glass of wine,  if I skipped a work out, If my clothes fit, what looks too tight, the number on the scale, feeling bloated the list goes on and on. I know that self-confidence needs to come from within but I truly feel like social media is creating unrealistic views of what we should or shouldn’t look like.

When I first started dieting – I turned to weight watchers because it is realistic. When I did the training I did last year with iifym- it was so that you can incorporate food you enjoy  eating. I look at many females that are competing for bikini competitions who post about eating broccoli/chicken/rice. 6x a day. That is not the life I want to live. Koodos to those girls. I have become obsessed and completely consumed. I have read an article recently about a woman who had a near death experience. Her thoughts before she “ almost passed on” were about what she weighed and if  she would look  fat at her funeral.

Now that is sad and twisted.

I feel like so many girls compare themselves to others. I Feel like through social media we bully ourselves. We see these images and think,” Why don’t I have her arms, her stomach, her legs.” Even in pictures of ourselves-,how many times do we say ” Don’t post that!”, or ” I look gross” . There are countless photos that I can think of, of myself ,even at my smallest where I was completely unhappy with how I looked. For me to delete those memories- moments in time that I will never get back,  seems so obsessive and vain.  I have bullied myself more in my late 20’s than I ever did in my teens. I honestly can’t imagine what teenagers go through in high school. Self acceptance these days is so hard.

Speaking of bullying ourselves ; at my work place – we have an office bully. Today she maliciously placed a picture of a diet ad in my mail slot at work. I was and still am extremely upset. Thinking hard  about the situation , she heard how I talked about myself and my insecurities, she heard my negative self talk. She used that against me to hurt me and guess what? She succeeded.
Today I decided there will first of all, be an end to the bullying. I am no longer going to live a life where I am dreading going in to work and walking around egg shells due to a 62-year-old bully. I am also going to stop the negative self talk. Negative people feed off of that and they try to make you feel even worse about yourself. I gave her that power. Today- She won.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and put things into perspective. We are so blessed to have able, working, healthy bodies. Self Confidence and Self Love determines how you carry yourself as well as attracts positivity rather than negativity.  I will be challenging myself to positive self talk for the next while. We only get one life and you never know how long we will be blessed with the life we are graced with. We only get one body – take care of it, love it , and accept it.



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