How to shop the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale!

semi annual sale

I used to work at Victoria’s Secret. Do you know what this means? I have panties for probably 365 days of the year. Okay, maybe not quite but almost. It means that I used to get a discount (35-50% depending on the various shopping events that occurred for employees). This also means I can’t bring myself to pay full price for a $60-$70 bra. The Semi annual sale comes twice a year January and June. I want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

The sale started a couple of weeks ago online. The perks, well I was hunting for a new bikini and you can be sure to find the exact size and style that you want. The downfall? They are having promos right now if you spend $100 ( it was $50 a couple of days ago) you receive free shipping. I was tempted to buy a few items and had my items in checkout online for quite a few days. I couldn’t bring myself to finalize the sale. Why? Because you pay duty and handling fees and AMERICAN pricing. Our Canadian dollar isn’t doing too great right now. Another reason? You can’t return online items to a Canadian store so be sure to know your size.

In Edmonton  I already had been to the Kingsway Location or as I like to call it       ” My old stomping grounds”. Shop here if you aren’t picky about selection and you aren’t looking for a bikini. ( they literally have one rack). The bra selection was small but they did have more sleep wear/lingerie and it was much easier to shop than West Ed.  West Edmonton mall was a complete zoo. They had a much bigger selection about 4-5 bra bins in my hard to find size vs the 2 bra bins at Kingsway. WEM also had way more workout clothes but it was honestly so busy it was too hard to shop.

Panties : If you are buying panties, they are $3.99 for the cotton ones and everything else is either marked $5.99 or $6.99. An insider advice wait until the last week the sale – They reduce them all to $3.99 or less trying to get rid of them.

Swim wear – If you are shopping for bathing suits I found it a bit odd that Kingsway had an overwhelming amount of bottoms and west ed had a greater selection for tops. I did find a bikini at West Ed and I mixed bottoms from PINK    ( they were cheaper at $12.99 where some VS ones were still marked around $25.99). WEM also had 25% off all swim and had more selection of swim cover ups and one pieces Kingsway I did not see any.

V433497(1)( My Find)

Sleep wear/ lingerie –  as mentioned WEM had more sleep wear/workout clothes, Kingsway however was easier to shop in this department and still had good amounts.

Workout wear: I did not see any at Kingsway. If you are a large chested girl looking for a new sports bra- the Incredible ( any style) but the front close bra is my favorite and has great coverage and it was on sale.  They also had cute crops, leggings and workout tops at WEM.

Bras- I had called Kingsway they had said they are bringing in their final stock of bras for this weekend tonight, so Friday will be a better day to shop than Saturday.

Price Adjustments. I will let you in on a couple of secrets here ( Victoria’s secrets). They will offer a price adjustment ( just using your receipt tags don’t need to be attached ) for 14 days. This means when the price drops you can bring your receipt in and get your money returned for the current sale price by just doing an adjustment. Prices usually drop from 50% off to 75% off.

Kingsway had said the sale ended Saturday. Don’t let this scare you as they still need to get rid of all that clearance. The prices WILL drop. Also watch emails for further mark downs!

If you can, keep the tags on your purchases and save your receipts. If your purchase exceeds 14 days  you can technically return the items  for what you paid and buy them back at the new sale price.

Have fun shopping the sale! I know I was on a shopping high and I am super stoked I found a new cute bikini!


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