Tips to motivate you to get to the gym

There are many excuses as to why we can’t make time to go to the gym or workout. Being too busy  is usually the biggest excuse but you have to make the time.  Too tired is often another one but  it usually comes down to lack of motivation and  laziness. Not having the motivation to get off the couch is the most common excuse. But i have some tips ahead that will push you to go get a workout in!

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#1 Set a Goal

Determine your goal. Is it to lose some pounds or to feel better about yourself? To feel more confident and  fit better in clothes? To look good for your upcoming high school reunion or wedding? What about to tone and have some definition  and to feel strong, fit and healthy? What about to be that girl that made a successful change to not only her lifestyle but body and mind?  Once you have this figured out- Write it down! Read your goals daily and remember it’s up to you to make them happen. The motivation needs to come from within. yesterday you said tommorow

#2 Buy Cute Workout Clothes

Workout clothes put you in the mood to go to the gym. Looking the part will help you act the part. Costco has so many cute workout pants, crops  and tops that are inexpensive. Old Navy is another place that has cute  graphic (motivational) tank tops and crops, etc. My favorite workout gear in my closet  is  strappy (but supportive) sports bras and bright running shoes . Another thing you can do to keep yourself motivated- Put $5 into a jar every time you workout. You will have new lulu lemon to look forward to in no time.


#3 Plan and Schedule workouts

At the beginning of the week- make a plan and write down/ check off on a calendar what days you will go. Workouts are important appointments with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.  Hold your self accountable. At work, I work with mostly males and they go to the gym. To keep me motivated I check off on a calendar when I worked out for the week. Every couple of days they ask to see my calendar and encourage and praise me if I went. This idea really motivates me- find someone at home or at work who can check your calendar.You are not only holding yourself accountable, but accountable to someone else who is supporting you.

wowiregretthatworkoutPlan ahead. There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and having no idea what you will be doing. Plan in advance.  A good gym plan to go off of for beginners is Jamie Eason’s live fit trainer found here-

All of the exercises are explained in videos or photo tutorials. has a lot of different workout programs designed for women depending on what you are looking for.

#4 Find a workout Buddy

If you can find someone with the same goals as you to hold you accountable and meet for workouts great! It makes it a lot harder to cancel a workout when you know you will be doing it with someone else.I find the workout passes quicker and can be way more fun with a friend.  If you don’t have a buddy,  even having a support system, friends you can share your progress with or understand that you are trying to drink less alcohol / eat out less and live a healthier life style will help. Have your friends ask you how you are doing on a weekly basis. Getting a trainer is also an awesome way to have a support system.

#5 Create healthy habits


Change the way you cook and eat. You can never out train a bad diet. It doesn’t matter how hard you are working out. Pay attention to what you are putting into your body, read labels, hydrate your body. Eat protein. Eat good carbs. Cut out the loaded with sugar frappacinos, junk food, fast food,processed food,  alcoholic drinks, and watch your sodium intake.


” You are what you eat, don’t be  easy, fake or cheap” 


How GOOD do you feel after a workout? It is a huge stress reliever. Endorphins make you feel good. Not to mention all the other health benefits. Your energy will be boosted, you will sleep better,  you will feel better about your well-being and it is a confidence booster.


Be consistent, track your results 
Track your results either weekly or monthly. Weekly weigh ins or check ins with yourself are a good way to make sure you are staying on track. If you are lifting heavy weights – the scale can be  deceiving since muscle weighs more than fat. In this case- don’t step on it weekly. Take measurements and track inches lost, take progress pictures to remind yourself how far you have come.  There is no bigger motivation than seeing inches lost or a more lifted/toned butt. Log your workouts! Try and be stronger and lift heavier. Increase reps and weights, challenge yourself!

dont give up

If you really want to stay on track- I use myfitnesspal  either website or app for everything. You can literally scan all your food and it is a good way to make sure you are not over eating. Sometimes you will be surprised with what you are eating, it can be an eye opener.  You can also track workouts as well. By tracking your diet, workouts and stats you can reassess your goals and see where you are in relation to your goals – this can be extremely motivating.


Feel free to share the blog to help motivate others!


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