Wine Wednesday Inspirations

This weekend I may have indulged in  too many different types of wine.  Below are some highlights from the week!


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Why the Scale lies

The dreaded scale. You know that thing you have in your bathroom that you dread looking at? My guess is you either have it hidden away or you are obsessively weighing yourself daily. I have been on both ends of the spectrum.

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Summer Red Wines

Despite the heat and humidity, some of us ( ME) still love to drink red wine in the summer time. There is no problem with popping your bottle of red in the fridge to chill before serving. It will taste much more bright and refreshing. Watch out for alcohol content, it can hit you really fast in the hot sun. Look for low to medium tannins and light to medium body red wines. Unoaked or lightly oaked wines often are more fruitier and can give you the summer taste you are looking for.

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