Summer Must Try White Wines!

As the summer continues and the temperatures rise, I find my tastes of wine changing. The rich red wines that I am used to drinking taste too overbearing or warm in the summer heat. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a nice glass of chilled wine on the patio.


There are a few things you should  look for in general in a warm weather wine: acid, low/medium alcohol levels, and minimal oak. The acid stimulates saliva and conveys a brightness that is extremely refreshing. The lower alcohol content makes for a lighter wine that complements the warmer weather nicely and you can also enjoy more on a hot day ( Hello Day Drinking). Another tip- If taking the bottle out doors with you- look for a screw cap, that way if you don’t finish it             ( unlikely, I know – but just in case) you can screw the cap back on and take it with you and you don’t need to pack a wine bottle opener.

This being said, I have expanded my horizons and started to venture to trying out different types of white wine.  Below is a list of Crisp ,Refreshing  White Wines your taste buds will love this summer.

White Wines

Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is packed with flavor. It is quite popular among white wine lovers. There is a citrus flavor and I find it tastes quite earthy. It is a great wine if you are looking for something not too sweet and pairs well with summer salads.


Kirkland Signature- Pino Grigio, Italy

kirklandThe nice thing about going into Costco and choosing a wine is I feel like for the most part- Every wine they have there is good. The wines are usually all cheaper than  liquor stores ( You can find my go to- Apothic Red for $10.99). Even more expensive wines you can find for under $20 and you do not need a membership to purchase liquor. I tried this white wine on a hot day and the crispness and slight hints of apple flavors leave you wanting more.

Ogio- Pino Grigio Italy  

ogigo  This is a go- to that you must try at Original Joe’s half price wine night. It is so delicious chilled. You can smell the citrus and melon aroma. It is medium bodied and pairs well with many things including grilled meat or seafood. Warning- this is a very easy to drink wine.

Vista Point Pinot Grigio- California

 vistta I tried this wine at Moxie’s on their half price wine night and it was very smooth. It is their house wine. I found it to be quite dry and more neutral than a Moscato or Riesling.

Tisdale Pino Grigio – California 


Can you tell California wines are my favorite? This wine can be described as very light bodied and has a refreshing finish. It is recommended by one of my close girlfriend who is also a wino. 

Bear Flag- California White wine blend 

bear flag

I put this on the list because when I first started drinking wine, I started with white and this was my go-to. It can be found for under $10. It is a medium dry wine and you can taste notes of pears and peach.

Oyster Bay- Pinio Grigio – New Zealand

Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio 2013
Another popular, great rated wine.

This  clean and refreshing wine has a Pale lemon colour and  is aromatic. Citrus, Asian pear, apple, white peach, herbal,floral with a hint of toffee on the nose and palate. Clean, refreshing acidity. This pairs perfectly with – patio sipping, salads, and asian foods. It is currently on sale at Sobey’s until Friday for $12.99 ( $6 off) 

These are some of my top picks for summer. What are your favorite white wines? Did yours make the list? Top picks for Summer Reds and Rosee’s will be next on the blog!

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