Summer Red Wines

Despite the heat and humidity, some of us ( ME) still love to drink red wine in the summer time. There is no problem with popping your bottle of red in the fridge to chill before serving. It will taste much more bright and refreshing. Watch out for alcohol content, it can hit you really fast in the hot sun. Look for low to medium tannins and light to medium body red wines. Unoaked or lightly oaked wines often are more fruitier and can give you the summer taste you are looking for.



Oh Sangria.

I could right an entire blog on my love for Sangria. It is by far my favorite summer patio drink and also my favorite song right now ( Blake Shelton song reference right there). If you were to creep my pinterest, you would probably find 140 different sangria recipes.   In Edmonton I can’t get enough of the Sangria at Joey’s or Catcus Club Cafe. Often red sangria is hard to make unless you have brandy or triple sec on hand. I however did find this bottle of Yellow Tail Sangria and with added ice and slices of strawberries, oranges and some blue berries I actually drank the entire bottle. Try it! It is delicious!


Sweet Wines

Beringer- Zinfandel Rose, California 

This gets a shout out because I used to be able to drink it like Juice. I also have quite a few friends who also enjoy this wine. You can usually buy it for around $7 and it is even better chilled. It is a lower alcohol content wine and has an aroma reminiscent of strawberries… Hello summer!

Roscato Rosso Dolce- Italy

Roscato Rosso Dolce

This is a very sweet wine. If you are new to red wines, this one is for you. It is gently fizzy red wine and it should be served chilled . Perfect for pairing with pasta!

Red Wines

Masi- Italian Red wine


I mention this one because it is my go- to wine at most Italian restaurants, and most recently at Cafe Amore’ that has become my new favorite spot. It is also on sale at Sobey’s this week for $11.99 . Pairs great with grilled red meat or pasta.

Twisted- Old Zinfandel California 


It is not surprising this wine is delicious being yet another California wine.  You can taste the blackberry and plum right away. There are dark berry flavors, toasted oak and a bit of spice. It has a lingering finish and goes down very smooth.

The Stump Jump- Australian Shiraz


This wine is very hard to find. It is a Costco find and it goes for $12.49. The label is what caught my eye.  Grenache is the hero, with its lovely rhubarb, blueberry and white pepper notes. The Shiraz brings darker fruits, plums, fennel and earth along with a more robust texture and tannin structure which fill out the mid palate. Finally, the splash of Mourvedre adds exotic dried herb and lavender.

Carnivor – Cabernet Sauvignon – California 


I think this is called Carnivor because you want to devour it. It is big and bold tasting with black berry flavors that make it fruity combined with flavors of coffee, mocha and toasted oak. The peppery tastes coats your tongue, leaving you wanting more. It pairs great with steak BBQ.

J.Lohr- Cabernet Sauvignon Seven Oaks  California 

j lohr

 An abundance of dark cherry and black currant fruit greets the nose, enhanced by spicy clove and toasty notes. This is a very nice Cabernet.


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