Why the Scale lies

The dreaded scale. You know that thing you have in your bathroom that you dread looking at? My guess is you either have it hidden away or you are obsessively weighing yourself daily. I have been on both ends of the spectrum.

There was a time where I would weigh myself morning and night obsessing over .4 of a pound. There have also been many times that I would avoid it at all costs. Including avoiding yearly doctors appointments to not get weighed, being in denial about weight gain and completely uncomfortable with the number on the scale.

Do not let a scale be an elevator of self worth.

more important

If you are living a happy and healthy life, maybe you should get rid of the scale altogether. Here is why:

1. It ruins your day. You wake up on a glorious morning after dreaming all night about Ryan Reynolds  thinking, ” Today is going to be the best day!” You wake up, stretch ,open the curtains to hear the birds chirping and see the sun shining. You get up to go shower, maybe even do a little dance or song. Then you see the dreaded scale. You get on and you are completely miserable  within seconds due to the number on the scale. Your good mood is completely ruined. The clothes you decide to wear for the day are ones that hide your body and all day the number  is weighing on your mind. You immediately text your  best friend and swear you are never eating again.

2. You are stressed. If your body is exposed to cortisol for high periods of time, your body can hold on to fat in stubborn areas.  Try to relax and get proper amounts of sleep. Keep your mental and emotional health in mind when it comes to weight loss. 

3. It is not always right. Sometimes, scales can be wrong. This is why I stopped using mine at home. Depending on where I placed in on the floor or which floor, the number would change. No one needs that mind game in their life! 

4. It does not necessarily measure “health” or fat loss.

The scale does not give you the whole story. If you are working out and eating properly ,muscle is more dense than fat. The scale does not tell you how much fat you have in your body, it tells you how much you weigh. Fluctuations in the scale often don’t tell you how much fat you are gaining or losing. Body composition even when weighing the same, can make someone  look completely different.  If you are working out and losing fat and gaining muscle- you might not see the number on the scale drop.


What you will see is a change in your body in the mirror and inches lost. Clothes may fit looser. You may feel better, tighter, stronger. Are you more energized? How do you feel,? Do you have new self confidence that you didn’t have months before? These are all great indicators.  The best way to keep track? take pictures and keep body measurements, re-measure every 2 or 3 weeks.

What should you measure?

– Waist
– Bust
– Hips
– Arms
– Calves

Here is an example of why the scale doesn’t matter, the girl looks the leanest at the heaviest weight due to building muscle.


5. The “Ideal” Weight. All of us women have an ideal weight in our heads. “Oh if I would just be _____ pounds I would be happy. ” Well,  even though all of us are chasing a number even once we reach it we most likely won’t be happy. Why? I have been there. I have been my smallest weight and still was unhappy about how I looked. It is an endless cycle. 

Why else?

How about taking in factors like water retention, sodium intake, if you are keeping yourself hydrated, proper sleep – all of these factors can also impact a jump on the scale. 

The scale doesn’t measure how good you look in your jeans. Muscle on women creates curves. I had recently taken about 7 weeks off from the gym due to an injury and I can right away feel a difference in my butt. Sadly, my mother who thought she was complimenting me, commented that it had,” looked smaller” . I was upset about it! I was working hard to get that booty and even after a month or so at the gym focusing on legs and glutes- I can promise you will feel your booty lifted, rounder and tighter- who doesn’t want that? 


Lastly, the scale doesn’t define you. You are not a statistic or a number. If the scale works for you and you are seeing results, great! If it plays games with your mind and takes an emotional toll on you, maybe it’s time to put that damn thing away! Remember to love yourself the entire journey!


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