Wine Wednesday Inspirations

This weekend I may have indulged in  too many different types of wine.  Below are some highlights from the week!


2011 Raven’s Wood Cabernet Sauvignon ( California– of course). I had actually tried this wine at Costco liquor store as a sample. It is normally around $20 but at Costco they offer it for around $12-$13. This is also a type of wine you can buy cheaper by the case at Costco. When I first tried it in a sample cup, I found it to be too strong. My boyfriend picked it up for me this past weekend, as it was also on sale at Sobey’s. I actually really liked it . Tastes way better in a wine glass. Soft tannins and subtle oak contribute to the well roundness of this wine. This wine is fruit forward but not one dimensional. I enjoyed how the finish lingers longer than you might expect. If you are a Cabernet Sauv lover, give this one a try!


2011 Fat Bastard Shiraz ( France). Okay first off the name does get you, who wouldn’t want to try?. It is very bold in flavor. It is named Fat Bastard because it’s round, rich pallet. It is a smooth wine with little acidity with tastes of plum and liquorice  This paired well with steak and would pair well with other red meats or spicy foods.


2010 Apothic White  Winemakers Blend ( California). I am starting to try and drink more white wine and I have been enjoying trying different Pino Grigio’s this summer. I am a HUGE Apothic Red fan and I am a Huge Apothic Crush fan (released near valentines day). It is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, and Moscato. However, myself nor my company could drink this wine. It is WAYYY too sweet. It tastes like a dessert wine. If you don’t enjoy red wines or prefer sweeter wines- this is for you. You can tastes hints of pineapple and honey, and although too sweet for me- might be good in a white sangria.

What wines did you try this week?


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