Christmas Gift ideas for a Wine lover

There is no better time to indulge in a nice glass of wine than  the holiday season.  I don’t know about you, but my wine rack is full and ready! I am going to list some christmas gift ideas for the wine enthusiast in your life.


My can’t live without is a wine rack. How else are you supposed to stock up on the sales or be able to go home after a crappy day and just  pick a bottle off your own personalized shelf? Mine looks similar to the large one below and holds 16 bottles. However a smaller one even that holds six would do the trick!


My next can’t live without is a wine vacuum. This is for when you can’t drink the entire bottle ( not often I know). However this is perfect for when you really just want a glass of wine with dinner. It prevents the oxidation process and this specific brand is award winning and found at Liqour Depot and is called Vacu-Vin. No longer do you have to drink 3 day old crappy tasting wine!

wine vac

If you are a white wine drinker, another great idea if a wine cooler is out of the question, is a wine chiller stick. This will keep your wine at optimum temperature,  as well as provides a pouring spout for a non drip pour. Some also come with a built in aerator! These can be found on

wine chiller.jpg

Does your wine drinking friend drink coffee during the day? These mugs are a cute idea. They can be found on etsy and there is also a selection at indigo or chapters

coffeeshh wine

A great stocking stuffer idea is wine charms, especially if you will be at a party or function where multiple people are drinking wine. These are cute and cheap and can be found at Home Sense, Bed bath and beyond, or  Wine and Beyond.

wien charms

Does your loved one, love playing hostess? What about a wine and cheese set for those wine nights? Cute variety sets can be found at Home Sense!


Struggling to get that wine open quick enough? Tired of breaking your nail trying to get the wrapper off? Give the gift of opening with  this electric opener from Bed bath and Beyond!


New wine glasses are a great gift. I enjoy red wine glasses that are deep and round. My favourite are jamie oliver’s wine glass collection from Sobey’s. Home sense also has a great selection and stemless are a great option for someone looking for a different style of  glass.

Another great option? Wine of course. I typically am a Sobey’s shopper for my wine however, their upcoming weekly sales have not yet been released yet. This week at solo liquor store you can find Bodacious red and white for $6.99 which is about half off. Its a bit sweeter tasting for both red and white but very, very smooth. A great idea if you are kindly bringing wine for a host! Solo also has the Cupcake brand wine for $8.99 as well as Apothic Red or White  and Oyster Bay for $10.99.

Looking for something sophisticated? Go to Costco! All of their wines are rated quite high and they have really good price points. Don’t be afraid to stock up! After all, tis the season! Merry Christmas Everyone!

bodaciousoyster bay


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