KO Spring Challenge

I am currently completing the KO Spring Challenge with the wonderful Keltie O’Connor who is the owner of KO Fitness. My friends know that I am doing some type of diet that involves weighing and tracking my food,as well as hitting up the gym, ┬ábut I thought I would go into some detail.


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Spring Time Wines

It has been so long since I have blogged. I am officially a student and it has unfortunately taken over any of my spare time!

I don’t know whats with me lately, I was always a red wine girl, even influencing my friends who drink white wine to drink red with me. All of a sudden I am craving white wine!

I blame it on the weather and the early spring. Chilled white wine is so refreshing on a patio. Maybe my tastes have just changed or I have had so much Apothic Red, that I am sick of it, who knows.

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