KO Spring Challenge

I am currently completing the KO Spring Challenge with the wonderful Keltie O’Connor who is the owner of KO Fitness. My friends know that I am doing some type of diet that involves weighing and tracking my food,as well as hitting up the gym,  but I thought I would go into some detail.


Guess what? I am eating 1500-1600 calories a day. Guess what? I am not just eating chicken and broccoli. I eat carbs….. like pizza…  160 grams of carbs a day! and Guess what? I’m losing weight, losing inches  and changing the composition of my body.

The KO Spring challenge is an 8 week challenge where Keltie provides all participants with Macro nutrients for the week which is grams of:

Carbs ( which provide muscles with glycogen storage) ,

Fat ( which plays a role in hormone synthesis) ,

Protein (which helps preserve muscle)

 Fiber ( which helps food move through your body).

By eating the proper number of grams of macros, you will also have  a calorie goal. It is a form of calorie counting based on your goal to lose weight or gain muscle. Many refer to this concept as Flexible dieting,   ” If it fits your Macros” or “IIFYM”. My protein sources can come from any type of meat, weather it be beef or chicken or whey protein,  and my carbs can come from whole grain foods, or…. pizza. So does this mean I can eat donuts all day? No not quite. The fiber goal comes into play. Hitting the proper amounts of fiber means that  I need to also eat plenty of fibrous veggies and fruit. So even though I can fit in that pizza or glass of wine, for a good chunk of my day, I am getting in my micro nutrients as well. A big problem that people run into with dieting is they get sick of the chicken and broccoli which leads to a binge. With IIFYM if you don’t feel like chicken, you can easily make steak work as long as you fit it into your Macros. We also have  a water goal!

water goal.jpg iifym.jpg

Keltie also provides the participants with workouts that change every three weeks. I currently do 20 minutes of sprints either on a bike or treadmill and have the option to mix that up with a workout class, bike ride, spin or dance class,  or whatever you may enjoy. I am still moving, I have a step goal given to me for my Fit Bit.If one week, 5 days at the gym just seems undo- able I can easily fit in one of the days and break it into 4 days.

Currently, 4 days a week I am lifting weights and getting stronger. This may seem scary to some girls, but honestly I enjoy it. I look forward to getting stronger and prefer lifting over cardio. Lifting weights helps burns calories throughout the day and helps preserve muscle and bone health.  I sleep better and my mood and energy levels are improved.  Did I mention we also receive at home workout options? If we are ever unsure of a certain exercise, her YouTube videos are easily accessible to look up the proper form.

On top of the training and the macro nutrient weekly goals, We all log our food on Myfitnesspal. She can easily check in and see how we are doing for the week, and often on snap chat reminds you that the food you’re indulging in, better be  logged.  Keltie provides information on Macros and logging food on her YouTube channel here

Additional information: Youtube channel:
More videos here :Keltie’s Youtube channel
To Contact Keltie: Website-  Keltie’s website

We also are given a very detailed adherence sheet which involves submitting your weekly weight, progress pictures and measurements. We also list off it we actually hit our daily goal, monitor how we were sleeping and willingness to train in the gym. Based on our previous week , how well we did and any upcoming hurdles for the upcoming week (if we have any social events, or had any slip ups) ,.etc. Keltie will change around our days and goals to make sure that going out for dinner or having drinks with friends ” fits”. It is not restrictive at all.   She is always a message/email/ snap chat away which makes it great to stay on track.

The best part about it? All the participants. We are all (mostly) on Instagram, you can search the hashtag #kospringchallenge. You can follow my journey at @sweatnowwinelater .  We are all there to support each other, give each other meal ideas and encourage one another. We are each others cheerleaders.  It technically is a competition but I truly feel like we are all helping each other succeed, we all have a collective goal, like a team. I look forward to “creeping” on the daily to see how the other challengers are doing. I completed the #kowinterchallenge and many of the girls are completing the spring challenge  as well. For me, it holds me more accountable.If I am not wanting to get in a workout, I look on instagram and see all the other girls posting. It sure lights a fire under my butt! I even have made a workout buddy all the way in California! Hi Briana!


At the end of 8 weeks, there will be one transformation winner for who ever has transformed their body the most. There is also a winner for the most interactive client. We have daily topics to post about which makes it fun! At the end of 8 weeks, with all the combined pounds and inches lost; we are all winners, bettering ourselves along the way.


For me, technically this is the start of Week 3. I am down 1.2 lbs this week and I am stoked! The scale isn’t always an indicator of how someone is doing, as you could be retaining water or gaining muscle.This is why it is important to take measurements and progress photos. My clothes are already fitting bigger. Please see my previous post here:Why the scale lies

Counting calories and tracking food may seem tedious to some. I am looking for a long term fix. I want to lose weight the healthy way. I have come to realize that the ” diet” or ” journey” doesn’t end. This is a lifestyle. It’s about taking care of your health. I’m not interested in starving myself or not eating carbs ( not even for a short period of time). I’ve damaged my metabolism in the past and this time, I’m determined to  do it the healthy way.

workout 2

I am determined to lose inches ( and not to be focused on the scale) and and more importantly, feel confident. I am tired of not wanting to have my picture taken, missing out on memories,  and feeling  in general;self conscious.This isn’t only a physical journey but a psychological one as well. Every step of the way I will remind myself that I am doing this for me!

Love yourself and take care of yourself.

workout 1

Note : I realize I should have posted this before the challenge, to get some friends who may be interested on board. However Keltie does offer different types of plans  which you can find on her website listed above, and watch for the #kosummerchallenge!


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