Wine and liquor deals September 16,2016

Its been a while since I have blogged about wine or liquor deals. Since Liquor Depot starting price matching, My wine rack is over flowing to the point where I could practically use a wine cellar. I have discovered such good deals, that it is too hard to pass up!

I recently discovered a new and very good priced liquor store called ACE. Between them and SOLO you will feel like the woman on the Ikea commercial saying ” Start the Car!!”.


I will start out with the best  Liquor and beer deals  which this week can be found at SOLO Liquor , 

  Solo Liquor Flyer deals run Sept 14-20th 



Canadian and Coors light 24 pack for $33.99 at SOLO

Kokanee/ Budweiser/ Bud light 24 pack $34.99

Corona 18 pack for $32.49


Grey Goose Vodka for $31.99 for 750 ml which beats out Sobey’s and Superstore’s prices

Absolute 750 ml for $19.99 or 1140 ml for $27.99

Smirnoff Vodka 750 ml for $17.99 or 1140 for $27.99

Silent Sam vodka 750 ml for $15.99


JP Wisers for $27.99 1140ml

Crown Royal $22.99 for 750 ml 32.99 for 1140ml

Captain Morgan’s spiced rum: 19.99 750 ml, $30.99 for 1140ml


Solo has Bodacious Wine White or red (Canadian)3L for $23.99 . Other sale wines you can see in the  flyer




The nice thing about ACE Is that there are a couple different locations, each with different promos going on! Find the flyer you like and run with it!

Ace Flyer  deal runs Sept 14-20th 


Coors light or Canadian 15 pack for 22.99

Budweiser or Bud light 15 pack for $23.99


Bacardi Rum for $18.99 750 Ml

Captain Morgan’s Spiced rum 19.99 for 750 ml

Grey Goose 750 ml for $32.99 ( SOLO Is cheaper)

Belevedere Vodka $37.99 for 750ml


Twisted Tea 6 pack for $9.99

Strong Bow 4 pack for $10.99

Blarney’s Irish Cream liqueur  for $12.49


Bodacious White or Red ( TRY THEIR PINOT GRIGIO) for $5.99( Canadian)

Sawmill and Cooper Moon are both also at $5.99


Superstore Liquor Store Flyer:

Runs Sept 14- Sept 18


Superstore Flyer

Honorable mentions would be one of my favorite white Sauvignon Blancs that I already picked up:

Matua ( New Zealand)  is $10.97 which is almost $8 off of the regular price


Cono Sur Organic Cabernet Sauvignon ( Chile)  is priced at $9.98cono sur.jpg


And the Ravenswood Zinfandel (California, USA) Vintner’s blend is a good price at $12.98ravenswood


Sleeman’s Original 24 pack of cans for $39.98 or $12.99 each

Please note that the other beer prices and Grey Goose are cheaper at Solo or ACE


Sobey’s Liqour Store Flyer

Sobeys Flyer


The 15 pack of bud/ bud light Kokanee is cheaper at ACE (15 pack) or SOLO (24 pack)

Heineken 24 pack for $44.99

Rickard’s taster 12 bottles for $24.99

Strong Bow  Cider 8 for $21.99


Grey Goose is priced cheapest at SOLO for $31.99 but sobey’s does have all flavours on sale for $36.99



       Another Favorite of mine,  Monkey Bay White Sauv Blanc is $11.99 ( New Zealand)

money bay

Cupcake Chardonnay or Cab Sauv is $10.99 and 5 bonus air miles ( USA)
cupcakeVintage Ink is $13.99 at $5 off and 5 bonus air miles (BC winery) Red or Wild White

vintage ink red or wild.jpg

And finally one I am interested in trying and will be picking up,  $8 off Babich black label Sauvignon Blanc ( New Zealand) is $8 off at $13.99 babich-black-label-sauvignon-blanc-2013-label

Remember Liquor Depot will price any flyer that you have!


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