My Saje Wellness Obsession


Recently I attended a seminar by the CEO and founder of Saje, Jean- Pierre LeBlanc that inspired me to use as a blog topic. I could go on and on about their products and how they have changed my life.

Jean-Pierre, who had a chemistry background started Saje after being in a bad car accident at the young age of 30. He was prescribed pill after pill after pill, due to the side effects of the pills. He finally said enough is enough and started experimenting with essential oils. He healed himself, and many others. He also brags about the use of essential oils in a preventative way and states that he has not been sick in over 7 years. He really pushes the idea of listening to your body, getting enough sleep and treating your body right when it comes to food and movement (exercise).

I first started getting into saje with their nebulizers and diffusers and the many different diffuser blends ( scents) that they have. My first time walking  into Saje, I thought it was expensive. After using their products I justify spending money on their products, if it works towards your health and wellness… you are worth it !  Or as Jean Pierre says, “fill your cup first”.

I started off with the aroma breeze diffuser, only to upgrade to the Aroma Om for the bedroom ( this one has the intermit mist setting which I love,  I use it every night and swear I have never slept better ) as well as I purchased the AromaOM deluxe for the living room… and I also just purchased a Gem diffuser for my office… and Did I mention I have a car one too? I am seriously obsessed.


Aroma Therapy has many different benefits. At the seminar, Jean Pierre talked about the scent going straight to your limbic system in your brain. Aroma Therapy helps with stress levels, depression, energy, memory, headaches , digestive issues, strengthens the immune system and helps with sleep.

There are so many different scents out there. They all have different effects. Some of my favorites are Exhale, Unwind, Mountain Air, Refresh, Liquid Sunshine, celebrate,tranquility , tantra, after the rain, and my most recent spring purchase Bloom. There is something so uplifting of the scent filling your house through the day, or the relaxing feeling you get by having it right by the bed. I can contest to the nebulizers not only helping me sleep better but it also improves mood.

I am obsessed with Saje and the idea of treating yourself before you get sick or injured. They really promote overall  wellbeing and health  and wellness.  If you suffer from any sort of sleep problems, digestive issues, if you are sick or suffering from  pain,  I highly recommend checking them out. The best part is.. They are Canadian. Everything is 100% natural.  The even better part is if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will refund you 100% no questions asked at any time.

On my next blog post, I will be posting about the different roller balls that I have used and that have changed my life ( peppermint halo ) and that I love. The roller balls  are a more potent way to experience the essential oils.  I am also currently switching from drug store deodorant to Saje’s natural deodorant. I have been wanting to switch for a while but after the seminar and the discussions involved about the negative side effects of aluminum in drug store deodorant , I made the choice to switch! I will post about the transition soon!




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