My Saje Wellness Obsession


Recently I attended a seminar by the CEO and founder of Saje, Jean- Pierre LeBlanc that inspired me to use as a blog topic. I could go on and on about their products and how they have changed my life.

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Wine and liquor deals September 16,2016

Its been a while since I have blogged about wine or liquor deals. Since Liquor Depot starting price matching, My wine rack is over flowing to the point where I could practically use a wine cellar. I have discovered such good deals, that it is too hard to pass up!

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Spring Time Wines

It has been so long since I have blogged. I am officially a student and it has unfortunately taken over any of my spare time!

I don’t know whats with me lately, I was always a red wine girl, even influencing my friends who drink white wine to drink red with me. All of a sudden I am craving white wine!

I blame it on the weather and the early spring. Chilled white wine is so refreshing on a patio. Maybe my tastes have just changed or I have had so much Apothic Red, that I am sick of it, who knows.

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Wine Specials of the week Oct 23- October 30

I haven’t blogged about wine deals in a while, but this week there are TOO many deals going on at Sobey’s/ Safeyway to not.

Here are some sale wines that I have tried,

Beringer Founders estate Cabernet Sauvignon or Pino grigio ( California) is $6 off priced at $13.99. If you have ever tried Beringer, this is the fancier kind and the Cab Sauv  is mouth watering with hints of black berry and vanilla and pairs really well with red meats or roasts. Or of course, on it’s own!


19 Crimes, Australian Shiraz priced at $15.99 ($4.50 0ff) at Sobey’s and even cheaper – $12.98 at superstore until Sunday Oct 25.

19 crimes

This is a bold intense wine. It is so full bodied, I prefer it with a meal but it is very lush and flavorful.

Bodacious Red or white  – Canada $6.99 Regular $12.49

This is such a good go- to cheap wine both red and white . They are both blends and I usually dislike cheap wines like Copper Moon or barefoot but this is actually so good, AND its Canadian ! This is a full bodied berry  smooth wine 🙂 Stock up!


Wines I would like to try that are on sale this week are

South Africa- Inception wine Deep layered red ( Medium Bodied) $10.99 which is $5.50 off


Ruffino Chianti or Pino Grigio , Italy $9.99 which is $5.00 off


I have not yet tried this wine but i have heard that it is a go- to for some. It pairs well with pizza or lasagna.

Masi Pasa Doble $11.99 regular $18.99 Italy

I have tried another selection of Masi that was quite good, so I would like to try this one.  Pairs well for the fall weather with meaty casseroles or stews