Jamie Oliver’s Hit and Run Baked Chicken

In the summer time, who doesn’t crave BBQ Chicken? You would think there is nothing better. But there is. This recipe is now staple for me and it is so juicy and delicious, I bet you will be eating it at least once every couple of weeks.
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Summer Red Wines

Despite the heat and humidity, some of us ( ME) still love to drink red wine in the summer time. There is no problem with popping your bottle of red in the fridge to chill before serving. It will taste much more bright and refreshing. Watch out for alcohol content, it can hit you really fast in the hot sun. Look for low to medium tannins and light to medium body red wines. Unoaked or lightly oaked wines often are more fruitier and can give you the summer taste you are looking for.

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Tips to motivate you to get to the gym

There are many excuses as to why we can’t make time to go to the gym or workout. Being too busy  is usually the biggest excuse but you have to make the time.  Too tired is often another one but  it usually comes down to lack of motivation and  laziness. Not having the motivation to get off the couch is the most common excuse. But i have some tips ahead that will push you to go get a workout in!

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